A good day always starts with a good advice.

Strategic anticipation, rigor in action, agility in performance. We help companies to progress serenely in the ever-changing world of Digital & Data.

Okuden, a Digital & Data consulting firm, specialized in the Insurance & Financial Services, Transportation & Mobility, Sports and Esports & Gaming sectors.

Our mindset

Our clients say that we are enthusiastic, expert in their challenges, focused on the generated value and very easy to work with.


Okuden supports its clients in the design and implementation of their projects, products or services.

Execution & Cultural 'Shift'

Facilitate and accelerate the deployment of relevant methodologies adapted to the environment.

Interactions and CX

Support the design of best-in-class customer experiences and optimisation of interactions.

Data & Innovation

Accelerate the design and implementation of new products and services.

Performance & Monitoring

Bring rational, tools and processes to make the right decisions

Our business areas

Our expert consultants in Digital & Data also understand the challenges of your sector.

They rely on us

What we care about


"Work hard, play harder", the team is made up of digital and data experts who also have a real sense of festivity!

Individualised approach

Helping the individual to progress for the benefit of the group. Okuden offers its consultants continuous training with experts as well as a rapid rise in competence on current themes and subjects.


Variety of assignments, large-scale projects with high business stakes, a stimulating work environment, participation in the firm's expansion, at Okuden we attach great importance to the development of each team member.

Professional growth

If you are a consultant but also have the desire to be an entrepreneur, both paths are possible at Okuden.