About us

A team of passionate professionals with a strong track record in business transformation in the Insurance & Financial Services, Transport & Mobility, Sports and Esports & Gaming sectors. We help companies to progress serenely in the ever-changing world of Digital & Data

Okuden was founded in 2020 by two entrepreneurs, Aurélien & Arnaud, both fans of Japan and its values of excellence, collective effort, pragmatism and loyalty.
Okuden is a term from the traditional Japanese martial arts and refers to an experienced practitioner. This advanced level requires assiduous practice and in-depth training of the techniques instructed. This level, the second to last in the 'Menkyo' system, like the benefits of exploiting the potential of Digital & Data, still needs to be perfected and deepened to reach the ultimate level, called 'Kaiden'. It marks the beginning of the real work, not the end.

Our Ambition

As a consulting firm, we propose to our customers and our employees to work together to aim for and achieve the highest level, always in search of excellence.

We shift the lines by breaking out of traditional patterns. Our approach is to build, with our clients, the most favourable ecosystem to accelerate their transformation (distribution model & channels, customer experience, innovation...) by relying on our sector expertise, our network of partners and our mastery of technological environments.



Okuden is owned by its partners. Our recommendations are free and objective because we have no alliances with solution providers.


Our teams are familiar with the most innovative methods and tools and are able to adapt these to the challenges and needs of our clients. Our experts have a rational and enlightened approach to your problems.


Our multidisciplinary team is made up of experienced consultants who combine knowledge of industries challenges and expertise in the digital and data areas

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