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About Okuden.

Why Okuden?

Okuden, “It must come from afar, it’s Japanese!” As Jean-Claude Duss would say.

More seriously, fervent admirers of Japan and its values of excellence, its sense of collective effort, its pragmatism and loyalty, the founders did not meet in the land of the rising sun but in a Japanese company in which they worked in the field of Digital & Data.

Okuden, a term derived from traditional Japanese martial arts, refers to an experienced practitioner. This advanced level requires diligent practice and extensive training of the techniques taught.

This degree, the penultimate of the ‘Menkyo’ system, in the image of the benefits of exploiting the potential offered by Digital & Data, still needs to be refined and deepened in order to reach the ultimate level, called ‘Kaiden’. It marks the beginning of true work, not the end.

As a consulting firm, we offer companies and collaborators with whom they operate to work together to reach the next level in search of excellence.

We are :


Okuden is wholly owned by its Partners. Our recommendations are free and objective. We do not have agreements with solution providers.


Our teams are familiar with the most innovative methods and tools adapted to the challenges and needs of our customers. The common denominator of all Okuden team members is a rational and enlightened approach to your problems.


Our multidisciplinary team is composed of experienced profiles combining the knowledge of the problems of your sector with the expertise of the Digital & Data business.


We are by your side to exploit the potential offered by Digital & Data, make informed decisions and gain efficiency.

The Okuden Ecosystem

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Okuden was built on the observation that the expertise held by traditional consulting firms is no longer in line with current problematics. Therefore we are natively open and enrich our reflections and interventions through our ecosystem with which we share the same values: - Entrepreneurs - Technological actors - Academic partners - Experts - Startups

The Okuden team.
An experienced team of Digital and Data specialists


Aurélien Dever

With successful experiences in both Digital management of large groups and consulting firms, Aurélien has been supporting companies in their Digital, CRM and Data transformation for nearly 20 years.

An expert in the automotive and insurance sectors, he had the opportunity to implement structuring programs for the redesign of Customer Experience (e-Business, Agents Digitalization,… ), Customer Services (Customer Spaces & apps, Chatbot) but also New Digital Services.

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Stijn Jacobs
With nearly 20 years of experience in agencies, in the marketing department of multinationals as well as in a digital strategy consulting firm, Stijn specializes in the sports, gaming and esports sectors.

For more than 10 years, he has been supporting all sports players in their digital transformation and the monetization of rights holders but also in the management and activation of sponsorship rights for brands, or understanding and defining the roadmap in the world of gaming and esports.

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Simon Lesieur

A lifelong Digital and new technologies enthusiast, Simon accompanies startups as well as major Automotive, Insurance and retail groups in their transformation and Digital and Data scale-up.
An international profile, he worked for several years in Hong Kong, where he carried out numerous Data, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing projects, and helped clients put in place the right processes and tools to measure their performance.
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Arnaud Périn

Arnaud has been supporting companies for more than 16 years in their Digital Transformation and Data projects, including the insurance sector, where he has been involved since 2008.

On his track record, many missions, especially for the AXA Group, ranging from the definition of Operational Strategy (Support – animation of the Digital Program, Selfcare, Lead Management, Wellbeing, Partnerships etc.) deployment of structuring projects (e-Business, Digital Services Promotions, etc.)

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Guillaume Raineau

Graduate of a Parisian Business School, Guillaume joined the AXA Group Marketing team in 2009. For more than 10 years, he contributed and directed many Digital Programs with strong transformational challenges: redefining the Customer Experience – Distribution models, designing & implementing Products – Services, Leveraging Data for performance, deploying Agility and building a Digital Factory.

He then turned to consulting to launch a Customer Experience offer at Optimind and then a Finance Bank, where his expertise and accomplishments in the management of structuring projects allowed him to quickly demonstrate pragmatism and operational excellence in the conduct of his missions.
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Yann Bouelharrag

Yann’s career path combines Agencies, Marketing Departments and Consulting firms on Digital & Data problematics.

Through his 16 years of experience, he has accompanied numerous companies in the automotive, insurance, transport and retail sectors. For nearly 10 years, he has been involved in Digital & Data Transformation projects, from the definition of the roadmap to the management of the operational implementation.
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Christel Baudin

Senior Media Consultant
  • Christy Boissy
Christy Boissy

Digital Consultant

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Brian Buhrke

Digital Consultant

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Alexis Pommier

Digital Consultant

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